Toronto is a vibrant and dynamic city. With a diverse population, a creative culture, and a history of supporting those in need, Toronto has never ceased to inspire me. Toronto gave me what I needed to find success in my own life, and I have been proud to serve as a City Councillor, finding new opportunities to make Toronto a success for everyone.

It is an honour to be your local representative in the new Ward 13, Toronto Centre! As City Councillor, I have worked to expand parks and public spaces, secure more affordable housing and shelter capacity, bring new economic opportunities to the Downtown East, and advance service gaps that have led to inequity in our neighbourhoods.

I am honoured to be chosen Best City Councillor by the Readers of NOW Magazine for the fourth year in a row. This award belongs to all of us - to the countless residents, community groups and local businesses that continuously stand up for Toronto and work to build healthier and more livable communities. I will continue to defend Toronto and the services that we know build strong, resilient neighbourhoods.

Through community partnerships, collaborating with neighbourhood groups, project consultations, and tireless advocacy, I know we can only do this work together. Community members like yourself are at heart of everything we do and I need your help to continue guiding this work effectively. I look forward to working together!

With the support of my communities, as a City Councillor I have successfully:

  • Improved parks and expanded public spaces;
  • Built new affordable housing and renovated TCH buildings;
  • Defended the rights of tenants and the most vulnerable;
  • Preserved heritage buildings and created Heritage Conservative Districts
  • Developed the immediate 12-month and 5-year Downtown East Action Plan for more vital city services
  • Created safer neighbourhoods and more walkable streets;
  • Initiated the Noise By-Law review to ensure stronger enforcement;
  • Guided development to address local needs; and
  • Dismantled the quasi-judicial Ontario Municipal Board to give local communities more say in planning decisions

I believe in a Toronto that is safe, livable and affordable, where we can live, work, invest and play together, and where city services are efficient and respond to everyone’s needs.

As your City Councillor, I will continue to fight for a fair Toronto. I will continue to work relentlessly to protect our neighbourhoods while bringing both integrity and accountability to City Hall.

Yours in service,

Kristyn Wong-Tam



Opioid Crisis, Mental Health Supports, #16Days, and COVID-19 Updates

In addition to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our communities continue to see the effects of another deadly public health crisis. Neighbourhoods across Toronto continue to be impacted by addictions and rising fatal and non-fatal opioid overdoses. This Sunday, two middle-aged men lost their lives to a drug overdose. Both experiencing homelessness and living in Bellevue Park. Experts say we are at a pace for a yearly 516 residents experiencing a fatal overdose, an 81% increase compared to 2019.

COVID Information, Vaccines for Kids, and COVID-19 Updates

Last week, you may have seen my op-ed published in the Toronto Sun, hoping to promote dialogue and civility in an increasingly polarized debate over public health measures during the pandemic. I shared a deeply personal story about my parents who originally refused their vaccine when their turn came up. In the process, I, unfortunately, made an honest mistake with information I shared from an August 2021 memo from the Chief Medical Officer of Health. That memo is outdated and the context in which I shared it was misleading and left the wrong impression.

Vaccine Statement

When I wrote an opinion article last week, it was a genuine effort to promote dialogue and civility in an increasingly polarized debate over public health measures during the pandemic. In the process, I unfortunately made an honest mistake with the information I shared from an August 2021 memo from the Chief Medical Officer of Health. That memo is outdated and the context in which I shared it was misleading and left the wrong impression.

 Statement on the Pedestrian Death at Dundas St. East & Sherbourne St.

I am deeply saddened to hear about the tragic collision that occurred earlier today at the intersection of Dundas St. E & Sherbourne St. The loss of a Toronto Centre community member will be mourned as the resident was well known to neighbours, community leaders and service providers in the Downtown East. Another member of the community was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries sustained in the collision. This intersection has long been an issue which I have worked to address as it poses considerable safety risks to pedestrians in the area. It is monitored by the recent installation of CCTV cameras and the applicable video footage will be reviewed by the Toronto Police as a part of their ongoing investigation.

November Council Round-Up, Transgender Awareness Week, and COVID-19 Updates

City Council met last week to discuss important issues shaping the civic landscape of Toronto as we continue to navigate the next steps in our pandemic recovery. As COVID cases gradually rise, please consider how you can make your trips outside safer. If you have not yet, I would encourage you to get vaccinated. The colder weather is here, and flu shots are now available as well. Please consider getting your flu shot this year as it will keep you and our communities safer together. Many pharmacies in our neighborhoods are offering walk-in appointments, and it only takes a few minutes. I was happy to get my flu shot this weekend from my local pharmacy.

Living Wage, Ontario Housing Crisis, and COVID-19 Updates

Over the past week, we have seen new cases of COVID-19 rising once more. As more restrictions have been lifted, and the cooler weather forces more people indoors, these numbers were to be expected. The Ontario Science Advisory Table has said there are small behavioral shifts that can steady this increase. If you can, please avoid crowds, wear your mask, and work from home. These are simple shifts we have practiced which can help curb new cases.

VaxTO, First Parliament Master Plan, 311 Updates, and COVID-19 Updates

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Halloween weekend. I know that my family and I were able to get dressed up and celebrate. We have been very lucky to experience a new curiosity of Halloween through the eyes of our toddler. 

The First Parliament Master Plan Adopted by the Executive Committee

Yesterday, the Executive Committee adopted two important sets of recommendations regarding the First Parliament site including the long-awaited First Parliament Master Plan and the staff report explaining the Expropriation of Land by Metrolinx and the Province of Ontario. The reports formally respond to the many motions that I have moved regarding the First Parliament site and the Provincial expropriation of city-owned land for Infrastructure Ontario's oversized "transit-oriented development" and the construction staging area for the building of the Ontario Line's Corktown station.

Lifting Restrictions, Financial Support for Businesses, and COVID-19 Updates

Beginning yesterday, capacity limits, including physical distancing measures were lifted on restaurants and bars and many other indoor spaces where proof of vaccination is required. On Friday, the Premier, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, released A Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario and Manage COVID-19 for the Long-Term, which outlines the province’s gradual approach to lifting remaining public health and workplace safety measures by March 2022.

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