Save Ontario Place!



WHEREAS Ontario Place has been a cherished public space for over 50 years, providing joy, recreation, and cultural experiences for Ontarians and tourists alike and holds cultural and historical significance as a landmark that symbolizes Ontario's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and public engagement;

WHEREAS redevelopment that includes aprivate, profit-driven venture by an Austrian spa company, prioritizes commercial interests over the needs and desires of the people of Ontarioand it is estimated that the cost to prepare the grounds for redevelopment and build a 2,000 car underground garage will cost approximately $650 million;

WHEREAS there are concerns of cronyism by Therme Group Canada's Vice President of Comms and External Relations who was previously the Premier's Deputy Chief of Staff;

WHEREAS meaningful public consultations with diverse stakeholders have not been adequately conducted and the Ontario NDP has sent a letter of support for a public request to begin an investigation into a value-for-money and compliance audit with respect to proposed redevelopment of Ontario Place;


Will you sign?

THEREFORE WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to halt any further development plans for Ontario Place, engage in meaningful and transparent public consultations to gather input and ideas for the future of Ontario Place, develop a comprehensive and sustainable plan for the revitalization of Ontario Place that prioritizes environmental sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity, and ensure that any future development of Ontario Place is carried out in a transparent and accountable manner, with proper oversight, public input, and adherence to democratic processes.