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Right now, family doctors are stuck spending 40 per cent of their time on paperwork instead of seeing patients.

By hiring more administrative and interdisciplinary health staff around doctors, we can significantly reduce this burden, allowing them to focus on what they do best: caring for patients.

While the Ford government continues to recklessly expand for-profit health care, Marit Stiles and the NDP are ready to take decisive action that puts patients first.

Add your name to support Marit's solution to invest in administrative staff and integrated care options, unlocking more time for doctors to take on an additional 2 million patients – starting right now.


Let’s unlock care that’s there every time you need it

With 2.2 million Ontarians without a family doctor, our health care system is stretched thin.

Marit Stiles has a smart solution to fix the shortage: Build integrated teams around doctors to free up their time.