Tell Ford and Lecce: Support Education Workers

Use our easy online tool here to email Ford and Lecce directly telling them that you stand with education workers across Ontario:


Dear Premier Doug Ford and Hon. Minister Stephen Lecce,

Right now, Ford’s government is violating education workers’ rights through the introduction of the Keeping Students in Class Act

I am writing to you as an Ontario voter; this Bill, if passed, will have lasting implications for government and labour relations, continuing to hold education workers' wages below inflation. Education workers need support to continue doing the work they love.

Already, 55,000 CUPE-OSBCU members, including custodians, clerical staff, librarians, and early childhood educators, on average earn less than $39,000 a year, making them some of the lowest-paid workers in the province. Their wage increase is well below the rate of inflation, and the Bill provides no new funding for additional staffing and support. 

I am calling on you to support CUPE-OSBCU members’ ability to strike, rip up the anti-worker Bill 28 and return to the bargaining table with education workers in good faith.



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