A Place to Call Home

Our plan for homes you can afford, in neighbourhoods you want to live in

Marit Stiles and the Ontario NDP are proud to unveil Homes Ontario, our plan to address the housing crisis in Ontario.

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Here's what our Homes Ontario plan aims to achieve:

Establish a $15 Billion Fund: In collaboration with the CMHC, we will create a revolving fund to finance the construction of new nonmarket rental homes.

Build 250,000 Affordable Homes: Over the next ten years, we will build at least 250,000 new affordable and non-market homes on public land across the province.

Rehabilitate Aging Housing: We will fund the rehabilitation of aging affordable housing in partnership with federal and municipal governments.

Support Deeply Affordable Housing: We will provide capital subsidies and public land for nonmarket housing intended to be deeply affordable.

By supporting Homes Ontario, you're helping us take a significant step towards solving the housing crisis in Ontario. Let's work together to build a province where everyone has a place to call home.