Maximum Temperatures Now

Add your name below to send a message to the Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Premier and your local MPP calling for action. This is about public safety and human rights. This is about stopping preventable deaths. 

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In brutally hot weather, many Ontario renters are living in miserable and even dangerous conditions because their apartment is too hot and they don’t have air-conditioning.

The 2021 heatwave in British Columbia contributed to 777 deaths, many of the deceased were elderly or vulnerable and living alone in unairconditioned apartments. Heat kills.

As the climate crisis deepens, we have a responsibility to take immediate action to ensure everyone lives in a safe and comfortable home. 

It's been three years since the Ontario NDP introduced a motion calling on the Ontario government to establish a maximum temperature law for rentals, and permit tenants to safely install air-conditioning units in their homes. It's past time it becomes law.