Imagine home care and long-term care that gives our parents and grandparents a better quality of life as they age, rather than taking it away. Imagine a system that takes care of aging Ontarians the way they deserve, with better living, better care, and more peace of mind for families.

Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP have a plan for making this a reality for every Ontarian. We will overhaul the long term and home care system into something that works for people, regardless of how much money is in their bank account.

To accomplish this, we need a new, public and non-profit system where every dollar goes directly to residents — not to corporate profits.

Our care system includes supporting people to live at home longer, with in-home care that respects your culture and language. Workers will be full time, well-paid and well-trained.

Whether it’s in new, small nursing homes that feel like home, or home care where seniors are already living, every dollar spent on care will go directly to serving people, not boosting corporate profits.

Read more about our plan and how we will make it happen here.

Together, our plan will:

  • Overhaul home care to help people live at home longer
  • Make all long-term care public and not-for-profit
  • Build small, modern, family-like homes in all parts of the province
  • Staff up with full-time, well-paid, well-trained caregivers
  • Making family caregivers partners, not just visitors
  • Create affirming care that is culturally responsive and inclusive
  • Clear the wait list so nobody has to wait years for a bed, and even longer for a culturally appropriate home.
  • Guarantee new and stronger protections, including comprehensive inspections and a Seniors’ Advocate

Support our plan for funding and investment in older Ontarians.

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