Letter to Minister Mulroney ⁠— Partisan Directives to Metrolinx

You can read a pdf copy of the signed letter that was sent to Ministry Mulroney here.


February 9, 2023


Hon. Caroline Mulroney, MPP

Minister of Transportation 

777 Bay Street, 5th Floor 

Toronto, ON

M7A 1Z8


Re: Ministry of Transportation directive to Metrolinx


Dear Hon. Minister Caroline Mulroney,


On February 9, 2023, a Toronto Star investigation revealed that Metrolinx was asked by your Ministry to deliberately exclude us - two local MPPs of the Official Opposition - from receiving notice about the controversial removal of local trees for the Ontario Line.


Today, we are asking for an explanation for these actions.


Metrolinx is a Crown agency that exists to serve the public interest and facilitate the operation and expansion of public transit across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. 


There is no doubt that we need to expand and invest in our public transit. But Ontarians need Metrolinx to focus on building new transit, and not be forced to play partisan politics. Your government has proposed to invest $61.6 billion of the public’s money in transit over the next 10 years. The public deserves transparency and accountability from its government and Metrolinx about the issues that impact our communities, and how money is being spent. 


By politicizing the construction of new transit, your government risks delaying urgently needed new transit construction. These kinds of directives undermine public faith and trust in Metrolinx and new transit projects. Metrolinx does not exist to serve the partisan interests of a Premier and his party. 


It is our job to help bring local voices into the planning process, and help the public understand why and when disruptions relating to transit construction are occurring. We cannot help build public confidence in new transit construction when the process is openly hostile to our local communities and our very job as Members of Provincial Parliament. 


We trust that an explanation will be provided in due course, and that appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that this never happens again. 





Peter Tabuns, MPP                           

Toronto ⁠– Danforth                                  



Kristyn Wong-Tam, MPP 

Toronto Centre               


Thank you for reading my letter, you can join me at my expert panel on Ontario Tribunals here next Wednesday February 15, 2023!

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