Hire More Health Care Workers

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Doug Ford’s wage restraint bill has only added to frontline workers feeling abandoned and disrespected and the situation is spiraling out of control.

The former Liberal government cut 1,600 nurses during years of hospital budget freezes — positions Ford has not restored, even as a pandemic gripped the health care system.

Ontario needs a plan that trains new health care workers and gives them full-time jobs and fair wages. A plan that funds hospitals, long-term care homes, and other health care settings to have enough staff on each shift to ensure that people get the best care, and staff are protected from burnout.

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Burnout is causing health care workers like nurses and personal support workers to leave their job, which leaves each shift understaffed, causing more burnout and more staff leaving – leading to patients waiting in pain and anxiety for longer.

We need more frontline health care workers because you shouldn’t have to be in agony before you finally get the care you need.