Fund What Matters Most in Toronto

You can use this website to copy and paste the draft email to reach your City Councillor. You can also call your City Councillor and use this as a script to leave a message. Find your City Councillor's email and phone number using this link.


Using this tool will simply email the Budget Chair (Councillor Shelley Carroll) and Mayor Olivia Chow. You will need to copy the text into a separate email to your City Councillor.


Dear Councillor [Name],

Toronto’s budget is about our city’s priorities. 

For too long, shelters, affordable housing, mental health, public transit, and social services have been starved of the funding they need. 

I am writing to call on you to vote for a budget that reflects the needs of Torontonians.

The city’s upcoming budget is a chance to invest in what matters most. 

I know that the city is working to fix a deficit, and choices need to be made. I am asking you to choose to invest in the most important services for real community safety.

Those are:

  • Shelters and deeply affordable housing
  • Mental health and new mental health first responder services
  • Public transit and climate action
  • Social services such as public health, recreational programming, and child care

I know that well-funded interests are also pushing you for funding increases. But I am hopeful that you can listen to Torontonians over special interests. Fund our communities, and deliver a budget that everyone in our city can be proud of.




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