Fund Education

WE, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

  • Provide a significant and immediate increase to public education funding to make up for years of underfunding and to ensure students have the supports and resources they need to succeed; and
  • Ensure all students can benefit from more one-on-one attention and differentiated instruction; and
  • Fund special education programs for students with learning and physical disabilities; and
  • Launch a comprehensive review of Ontario's education funding formula to develop an equitable, evidence-based and needs-based model for funding school boards; and
  • Commit to predictable, stable and long-term education funding that keeps pace with actual costs, enrolment growth and student needs.

Will you sign?

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS chronic underfunding has led to overcrowded classrooms, crumbling school infrastructure, and a lack of supports for students with special needs; and
WHEREAS larger class sizes negatively impact student learning, engagement and achievement, especially for students who are struggling or have special education needs; and
WHEREAS the Ford government's cuts to education funding and increases to class size averages will mean the loss of thousands of teaching position; and
WHEREAS Ontario already has the lowest per-student funding in Canada, despite having among the largest average class sizes; and
WHEREAS investing in public education is one of the most important commitments a government can make to ensure a bright future for our province;