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Families are struggling to stay in their neighbourhoods, close to the communities they grew up in. For decades the housing crisis has gotten worse and worse.

Together we can make it easier for people across the province to have a good home, whether that means affordable rental or help with buying their first home.

Kristyn and the NDP will help make housing more affordable in your neighbourhood by:

  • Bringing back rent control on all apartments
  • Directing financial support to first time home buyers and to the renters who need it most.
  • Keeping rental rates affordable by closing loopholes on renovictions – where landlords evict people so they can jack up the rent between tenants, and regulating short term rental prices.
  • Extending the life of 260,000 affordable homes, and building 69,000 new affordable homes over 10 years.
  • Supporting municipalities to shift property taxes onto the very rich, to lighten the load on middle class homeowners.
  • Creating a Housing First strategy that will end chronic homelessness within 10 years.

We know we can make affordable housing for all a reality. Our housing plan gives everyone more stability, starting with the place they live.

A New Democrat government will create a new market of homes people can afford, helping people with their down payment, and giving renters more help, and more security.

Buying a home will be easier, and renters will have protections from disrepair and unfair evictions. We will build more affordable housing - to buy and to rent.

And we will end chronic homelessness within 10 years with a Housing First strategy that gives more people a safe, stable place to live.

Download the policy paper here.

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