Statement on 240 Wellesley Street East Electric Inspections This Thursday

Yesterday afternoon my office held a meeting with Toronto Fire Services (TFS), Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS), Toronto Communications, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), and representatives of the owners of Wellesley Parliament Square to discuss the upcoming inspections at 240 Wellesley Street East. The building will be inspected this Thursday, February 21, 2019.

Power, heat, and water will be shut off at 10:00 am to allow for the safe inspection and testing of the building’s electrical system. The property owners and ESA anticipate that power, heat, and water will be suspended for approximately 24 to 48 hours. We have been advised that recent work in similar buildings and with the current temperature forecast, the interior apartment temperature will remain “comfortable” over the shut-off period. However, the interruption of hydro, heat, and water will inevitably be very disruptive and residents who can stay with friends or family are encouraged to make these accommodations for their own reassurance.

The property owners have committed to maintaining stairwell lighting, fire watch support, and physical assistance for tenants getting to and from their units throughout the entire impacted period.

I have told them that they need to provide hot or fresh food and assist residents in colder units with staying warm. I am also sharing with the owner a list of residents who self-identified as having accessibility needs in my recent tenant survey so that they can be checked on and brought hot/cold beverages, snacks, and water. If you are living at 240 Wellesley Street East with accessibility needs and have not identified yourself to the property owners or myself, please complete the resident survey online.




Residents are reminded to ensure their water taps (bathtub, bathroom sink, kitchen sink) are all in the OFF position to prevent flooding and water damage when the water is turned back on. Residents are also reminded to ensure they have reviewed the emergency readiness fact sheet. During the day, garbage will be collected hourly from each floor, as the garbage chute will be inoperable without adequate power.

The property owner’s work carried out during this time will be reviewed, inspected, and approved by the ESA to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained and achieved through this disruption. Similarly, TFS will be approving all fire watch and life safety systems to keep the building safe at all times. While it is the legal and moral obligation of private property owners and landlords to maintain their properties, the OEM has contingency plans and is ready to assist if necessary.

For assistance from the owner through this period,please contact [email protected] or 416-929-3532

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