280 Wellesley Street East Update #4

Updated: February 07, 2019 at 6:19pm

Toronto Fire Services (TFS), the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) staff remain on scene, working with the building's contractor to restore heat and water to all units.

Power remains on throughout the building. Heat is being provided from floors 16 to 33. If you live above floor 15 and your unit is not receiving heat, the issue is likely localized and not floor-wide. Please contact building management immediately at 416-929-3532. We have been informed that the owner shut off the water and drained the system following three burst pipes in the basement of the building. The water will remain shut off until heat is fully restored, to ensure that no further pipes burst or electrical fires are caused.

Heat between floors 1 and 15 remain off due to a fault that was discovered following inspection of the electrical system. The fault has been now been isolated between floors 10 and 12, and efforts are being made to further identify and correct the fault.

In the worst case scenario where heat cannot be restored tonight, the building owners have ordered a temporary power structure that is expected to arrive Saturday. This will allow heat and water to be turned on for all units until a safe and permanent solution is found.

As residents have reported since we took office, the information we are receiving from TFS and ESA suggests that 280 Wellesley Street East and other buildings in St. James Town were not being properly maintained. While the electrical inspection is creating hardship for tenants at 280 Wellesley Street East, the ESA and TFS investigations are essential in preventing any explosion or other catastrophic failure such as the one that occurred at 650 Parliament Street.

Our office continues to pass comments and concerns onto city staff and the property owner. We will also provide updates as we receive them. If you are a St. James Town tenant, please be sure to complete our survey. 



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