Waste Management

Every year, the City of Toronto manages over 900,000 tonnes of waste. This requires money, energy, and resources and takes up valuable landfill space. Waste reduction should always be top of mind as the less waste produced, the less there is to manage. Join the waste reduction movement and help keep items out of the landfill.
If you live in a single-family home with daytime curbside collection, your waste is collected on a specific day of the week depending on where you live in the City. Find your collection schedule here.
Recycling, Organics & Garbage: Apartments, Condos and Co-ops
Learn more about sorting recycling, organics and garbage, in-unit recycling and organics program, and chute closure program here. Also learn what goes in the Blue Bin, the Green Bin and Garbage bin and what to do with excess waste.
Get the new TOwaste app to access the Waste Wizard, collection schedules and information about where to find the closest Drop-off Depot or donation location right from your smartphone or tablet. Waste Wizard is also a quick and easy search tool with information on how to properly sort over 2,000 items.
Waste Strategy Programs & Initiatives 
The City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy (Waste Strategy) envisions a zero-waste future and includes recommendations about how to get there. Today, the City is delivering on a number of those recommendations through the implementation of various new programs that support waste reduction, reuse and the move towards a circular economy. Learn more about community reduce and reuse programs, food waste reduction strategies, the Waste Wizard program and more.

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