TOcore: A New Master Plan for Toronto's Downtown

A transformational new secondary plan for Toronto’s Downtown I initiated in 2012. My motion directed City Planning staff to "identify, examine measurements and review remedies for urban planning, economic development, transportation, public infrastructure, community amenity and social planning impacts created by the density intensification from the ongoing development of tall buildings in downtown Toronto, as promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure in the 2006 provincial policy, "Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe." Over the course of several years, the City of Toronto engaged with thousands of residents and stakeholders to successfully create Toronto's new award-winning secondary plan for the Downtown: TOcore.

As a result, this lengthy study has developed a series of five infrastructure-related strategies to implement a new Secondary Plan for downtown Toronto. These strategies cover community facilities, parks and public realm, mobility, energy and water. The Downtown Plan is a 25-year vision that sets the direction for the city centre as the cultural, civic, retail and economic heart of Toronto and as a great place to live. It provides a blueprint to manage growth, sustain liveability, achieve complete communities and ensure there is space for the economy to grow. 



The TO Core Secondary Plan was passed at City Council in June 2018.  It was submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for review and approval pursuant to Section 26 of the Planning Act. This standard practice should have been adopted by the Provincial Government with few changes. Instead, the new Provincial Government under Premier Ford made radical changes to Toronto's new Secondary Plan.

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