A Green & Sustainable City

Kristyn Wong-Tam believes that the first step in making new green space available to everyone is making existing parks and ravines more accessible.
She has achieved this through pairing accessibility infrastructure with slope stabilization work in major parks and building out new all-ages infrastructure for more communities. This includes the dynamic new playground installed at Allan Gardens, the new all-ages Cloverhill Park, and family-friendly event spaces at Trinity Square and College Park.

Kristyn has also supported the designation of Toronto Island as an official bird sanctuary, the diversion of zoo waste to renewable energy production, and has called on the Province to improve fill remediation standards for debris and materials excavated at development sites in Toronto.

Kristyn with residents at the City of Toronto's annual Bike Month kick-off breakfast.

As City Councillor, Kristyn has fought for the investment of more than $40 million back into public parks downtown to enhance and revitalize neighbourhood green spaces. Toronto’s ravine infrastructure is a defining feature of the City, but is some of the most under-utilized green space available to residents. Kristyn initiated new ravine access infrastructure projects to open up the Vale of Avoca for increased public use and has worked with Evergreen to promote the Lower Don Valley into a super-park worthy of international attention. Kristyn led the revisioning work for the mouth of the Portlands through the Expo 2025 initiative.

Kristyn speaking at Queen's Park about the need for at least 1 square foot of parkland per person in downtown Toronto.

Kristyn has been a municipal leader in the installation of new bioswale technologies and tree trenches on Toronto’s streets. Working with local communities, she has transformed much of Bay Street into a greener and more pedestrian-friendly area.

As your City Councillor, Kristyn will:

  • Protect Toronto’s ravines, parks, and watersheds while improving access so that residents can fully appreciate our city's vibrant green spaces and learn about the vital role or naturalized spaces in supporting human flourishing
  • Prioritize waterfront ecologies, including the naturalization of the mouth of the Don River and enhancing habitat on Toronto Island to fully utilize opportunities for restoration and support migratory birds
  • Push for new waste-reduction policies, especially in relation to non-recyclable plastics so that Toronto is both sustainable and not contributing to the global contamination of our oceans and waterways

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