February 16, 2021

My Statement on the Relocation of St. Simon’s Clubbe House Shelter

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Toronto has been working hard to protect individuals in the shelter system by creating physical distance to meet the public health protocols.

As part of the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for physical distancing in the shelter system, St. Simon’s Clubbe House at 525 Bloor Street East will move to 556 Sherbourne Street East. St. Simon’s Shelter is a strong partner in the Downtown East with a long-standing relationship in the St James Town and Bloor East neighbourhood as the operator of their 525 Bloor Street East shelter for the last 20 years. 

The City of Toronto has leased the space at 556 Sherbourne Street to serve as a temporary municipal shelter to be operated by St. Simon’s. The space will house male and male-identified clients. The anticipated opening date is February 22, 2021.  Residents at this location will have access to harm reduction services, mental and physical health supports, and housing support workers. 

As part of the City’s community engagement plan, there will be an information session on March 3, 2021. Interested community members are encouraged to join to learn more about the relocation. 

Online and Telephone Information Session

To learn more about the relocation of St. Simon’s Shelter to 556 Sherbourne, please join us for an Online/Telephone Information Session:

Have a question?

If you have any questions prior to the information sessions, please contact Community Engagement Facilitator: Jane Farrow, Dept of Words & Deeds: [email protected]

For further details about St. Simon’s Clubbe House, please visit the City’s website: www.toronto.ca/PhysicalDistancingShelters

Megan Poole

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