Service Providers and Advocates Call for Free Access to Menstrual Products

Councillor Wong-Tam joined menstrual equity advocates at City Hall, on Friday morning, to call for increased access to menstrual hygiene supplies, for low-income menstruators. Represented at the event were staff from Kennedy House Youth Shelter, Sistering, Toronto Drop-In Network, Street Haven, The Period Purse, Windermere United Church, as well as program participants with lived experience.

Joint Statement with Councillor Troisi on 650 Parliament St.

Councillor Troisi and I are shocked to learn that the management of 650 Parliament St. has said that they will stop paying hotel accommodation for displaced residents of 650 Parliament St. after November 31, 2018.

Both Councillor Troiosi and I expect that Lehman Holdings, the landlord of 650 Parliament, and the property manager they do everything they can to make sure the displaced residents of 650 Parliament are looked after, which includes funding temporary housing and hotel stay.

These residents are homeless through no fault of their own. Many of been displaced for months with the building only reopening earliest May 2019. While many residents have been able to secure temporary housing, landlord-funded apartments and accommodations should be provided until residents are able to move back into their units or find other permanent housing.

Statement on Yonge Street Commercial Taxes

Yonge Street's small businesses are a vital part of Toronto's commercial mix. These shops and services are often run by locals, many of whom have owned their properties for generations. With a massive tax assessment increase in 2017, many of the businesses and owners faced having to close up shop or sell their properties to the highest bidder.

Statement on Supervised Injection Services in Toronto

Supervised Injection Services (SIS) are a critical piece in both saving lives and reducing the city-wide impacts of the opioid crisis that is gripping cities across North America, including Toronto. Without SIS, vulnerable users will turn to injecting alone in secluded areas. That risks adding to the thousands of people who have lost their lives to preventable overdoses in Ontario.

Statement on Planned Anti-Islam Event at Nathan Phillips Square

I stand with Toronto's diverse communities in rejecting hate and division. News of an anti-Islamic event being planned for Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, August 11 is a disappointing reminder that, as far as we have come as a society, many still cling to violent prejudice. We must continue to come together in the spirit of cooperation and pluralism to show strength and solidarity with those being targeted.

My Statement on Doug Ford’s Attack on Toronto

Yesterday’s announcement that the Ford government will be unilaterally cutting Toronto’s City Council in half is deeply unsettling. It’s been under two months since the provincial election and already Ford is abusing his powers against Toronto’s democratic structure. It was not part of his campaign platform when he ran to be Premier and I have no doubt that this is only the beginning of his work to reshape Ontario in his own image.

My Statement on the Danforth Shooting

Last night, our city was shaken to its core by a cowardly and unspeakable act of violence. My thoughts are with the families of those who are experiencing unimaginable loss, and to those who are in the hospital as a result. I wish them a swift and full recovery. My heartfelt gratitude is with the first responders and their life-saving efforts – Toronto police officers, firefighters and paramedics who rushed as quickly as possible to the scene following this horrific incident. To the medical staff in emergency rooms across Toronto, we too are indebted to your service.

Statement on Police Decision Not to March in 2018 Pride Parade

Today’s news that the Toronto Police Service has withdrawn its application to march in Pride is a welcome development. The Police relationship with the LGBTQ2S community has been strained over the last two years – most recently around the investigation of missing and murdered men in the Village and the deaths of Alloura Wells and Tess Richey. Chief Saunders has acknowledged the need to overcome the challenges before us and the decision not to march in 2018 is the best evidence I have seen to date that the force is committed to truly prioritizing that work.

Statement on the Mayor's New Policy for Overnight Utility Work

Today, the Mayor announced a new policy that will force all non-emergency utility work south of Dundas Street in the downtown to take place overnight. This decision was made without any consultation with local residents or Councillors – myself included. Our vibrant downtown neighbourhoods are home to many and we must work to make them more liveable, not less. There are over 240,000 residents who currently live in downtown Toronto and that number is expected to reach 500,000 in the next 25 years.

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