Better Regulations Around Short Term Rentals

In late 2015, I asked Municipal Licensing and Standards to create regulations for short-term rental services. While services such as AirBnB and Expedia allow homeowners to supplement their income, they have also allowed landlords to effectively evict long-term tenants to turn vacant properties into “ghost hotels” in the middle of our communities.

The city introduced new zoning by-laws and regulations in late 2017 year to manage short-term rentals. These measures include having homeowners register annually with the city to be using these platforms, allowing entire homes to be rented for a maximum of 180 days per year and requiring that the home is an owner’s principal residence. Homeowners now have the ability to continue renting up to three rooms in their principal residence, excluding the secondary suite, while preventing companies from removing multiple homes, apartments or condominiums from Toronto’s long-term rental stock. Condominium corporations will be allowed to prohibit independently short-term rentals within their building.

The zoning by-law and licensing regulations were adopted at City Council at the December 2017 meeting and the new by-law will be in force and effect starting July 2018.

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