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Narrow sidewalks have a human impact. Too often, those with accessibility issues struggle to move through public space safely. As Toronto continues to grow, we need to prioritize the needs and rights of all our pedestrians.

Ed, a senior citizen with mobility disorder, says...

Walking used to be a joy, but is now more of a chore -- requiring a walker. And to make matters worse, increasing volumes of pedestrians on narrow downtown sidewalks make even that "chore" much more demanding. SideWALKS are just that -- and the priority needs to be on helping all of us more easily and comfortably navigate our city. Please!

Yin, Chair of the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee, says...

Navigating city streets with a disability can be incredibly challenging. We need wider sidewalks that will serve the needs of all our residents. I've even asked a friend to take a video of what it's like for me to walk on a busy street. I hope that City Council will stand up for all residents.

Helen, an active senior citizen, says...

I too often feel vulnerable simply walking in my City. Crowded sidewalks make it easy to be brushed or bumped -- by other pedestrians, or by faster moving joggers, skateboarders or sidewalk cyclists. And a simple bump could easily lead to a tragic fall for a more vulnerable pedestrian. Toronto pedestrians deserve a wide, clear, essentially straight path -- to help all of us easily move through our city.












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