Save the Centreville Carousel

Earlier this year, I seconded a motion that was brought forward by Councillor Paula Fletcher to keep the Centreville Carousel on Toronto Island. I hope City Council will agree to preserve this heritage asset in our city so it can continue to bring joy to future generations. Sign the petition to urge City Council to vote in favour of saving the Centreville Carousel.


Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher is asking Toronto City Council to save the Centreville Antique Carousel.

In a motion that will come before its October 2, 3 and 4, 2017 meeting, City Council will be asked to amend the current license agreement at Centreville to secure the purchase of the heritage carousel. 

The Centreville carousel is one of only a handful of Dentzel Menagerie Carousels left in the world and the only one left in Canada.

This hand-carved antique carousel with its pigs, ostriches, cats and rabbits has delighted thousands of children for over half a century and is an important part of Toronto Island which is the number one destination park for tourists in our city.

Sign the petition here:

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