Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation Consultation

When Sep 13, 2017 at 6:00pm 9:00pm EDT
Yorkminster Park Baptist Church
This event has already taken place.

The Rosehill Reservoir, originally built in 1873, is the oldest and largest of 11 water reservoirs in Toronto. The structure is covered with a green roof that forms part of David A. Balfour Park. This piece of critical infrastructure stores treated drinking water and distributes it to neighbourhoods across the city. The existing Rosehill Reservoir concrete structure was built in 1966 and has not been upgraded since. The structure requires rehabilitation to ensure it remains waterproof and structurally sound. These necessary upgrades will help to ensure the structural integrity of the reservoir, extend its service life, and bring the infrastructure to a state of good repair. This is essential to ensure safe and secure drinking water.

This rehabilitation work will require the removal of the green roof, which will be reinstated once construction is completed. Toronto Water is collaborating with various City divisions, including Parks, Forestry, and Recreation, to complete this work. The project team understands the importance of this space and has been consulting with key stakeholders to ensure the reinstated space meets the needs of the community. Throughout this process the City has worked closely with the Rosehill Vision Committee, a Councillor supported volunteer group formed by local residents interested in the future of the Rosehill Reservoir. We are grateful to the Councillors and the Rosehill Vision Committee for their participation in the design process, and to all other stakeholder for their involvement. We look forward to discussing the project with the larger community at this first public meeting.

We invite you to attend a public meeting to learn about the rehabilitation project and provide feedback on the design for the green roof.

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm(presentation at 7:00pm)
Place: Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Heritage Room
         1585 Yonge St.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reservoir and what does it do?
The Rosehill Reservoir is a ground level structure used for storing drinking water. It is vital in managing water supply and demand, and ensuring a constant supply of water during emergencies such as fires and watermain breaks.

Will the public be able to access the park during construction?
Public safety throughout construction is the City's priority. We will make efforts to keep parts of the top of the reservoir accessible to the public, which will be accomplished by completing the construction in multiple phases. Waterproofing the reservoir and watermain work in Little Park will require the entire top of the reservoir and a portion of Little Park to be closed for one of the construction phases. The Vale of Avoca will remain open and accessible throughout construction.

Will the construction be noisy and disruptive?
With any construction project, some dust and noise is inevitable. The contractor will be responsible for ensuring the work area is kept cleaned with weekly sweeping and wetting of the site and roads. Every effort will be made to reduce inconveniences to the community.

Will there be any changes to the park after construction?
The park will be upgraded to meet current standards and the needs of the public. The City has been working closely with the Rosehill Vision Committee to design the new park. Additional details of the design will be available at the public meeting and posted on the project website afterwards, and feedback is encouraged.

Will the Rosehill Garden be affected?

Due to the waterproofing requirements of the rehabilitation work, the Rosehill Garden must be removed during construction. The garden will be reinstated post-construction. The City has been working closely with the Rosehill Garden Volunteers to plan for the garden's reinstatement and to preserve some plants by temporarily moving them to the garden in front of the City Parks Building on Avoca Avenue.

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