Revealed at dinner: Kristyn Wong-Tam’s secret to staying sane at Toronto City Hall

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

February 16, 2013.

Over shrimps and crab ravioli, downtown counciller Kristyn Wong-Tam credits her father with instilling in her the patience she draws on to stay sane at Toronto’s raucous city council meetings.

The first time I went to city hall to see how our city is governed, I saw Kristyn Wong-Tam questioning the mayor/coach on the council floor. The topic wasn’t anything as contentious as her later campaign to ban shark fins. It was something mundane, technical, and non-partisan.

But again and again, the mayor/coach responded to Wong-Tam by misinterpreting her mundane question in a multitude of ways, until they’d run out of allotted time.

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