Ramsden Park

This 14-acre park, a green oasis in the middle of the city, has undergone a sweeping revitalization effort.  It has become a more beautiful and functional recreational space for visitors and local park users; ready to meet the needs of a diverse and growing local community.

A process that began in 2014, I worked with Parks staff to tour the park, collect community feedback from then Ward 27, and envision what a major transformation could look like.  Some of the priorities identified included enhanced green space, improved lighting and accessibility, new park furniture, an upgraded playground, refurbished Dogs Off-Leash Area, and tennis courts.

Additional improvements included significant upgrades to the Yonge Street entrance and frontage, as well as new pathways and lighting. Visitors to the park will find fantastic new seating elements, beautiful plantings, and improved accessibility. This massive investment will extend the vibrant life of one of Toronto's oldest and most beloved green spaces into the next 50 years and beyond.

Many park users have reached out to mention the very successful playground renovations.  The new playground design incorporated safe, modern play elements, appealing to various ages, including a wading pool, sandbox with water pump, and a multi-functional play structure situated over a soft, bouncy surface. Although Ramsden Park is now located in the newly formed Ward 11, I remain very proud of our role to revitalize this cherished green space.

Learn more about the Ramsden Park Revitalization here.

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