Property Taxes

If you have any questions about your tax or utility, please contact 311 or email [email protected].

Look Up Your City of Toronto Property Tax
The Property Tax Lookup is a convenient way to review your City of Toronto property tax account anytime, anywhere, from your computer or mobile device. Details provided include account balance, current and previous billing amounts, payment details, due dates and more.

Property Tax & Water Relief and Rebate Programs
Learn more about the property tax appeal process, property tax rebates, and tax and water relief programs. There are rebates available for commercial/industrial properties for applicants that qualify for one of our tax relief programs. You may qualify for the Property Tax and Water Relief Program if you are a low-income senior or a low-income person living with a disability.

Tax Reform for Small Business Owners
Learn more about my motion "Saving Toronto's Small Businesses and Character Streets with Intelligent Tax Reform"

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