On November 26, City Council unanimously approved the Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy 2019-2022 Term Action Plan. It’s the second plan developed as part of the 20-year lifecycle of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (2015-2035).

The report considered by City Council noted that the first Poverty Reduction Strategy Term Action Plan (2015-2018) led to approximately $181 million (net) in new and enhanced programs and services as part of the City's investments. These investments were made to stabilize and strengthen programs and services supporting low-income Torontonians, and to create a foundation for further systemic change.

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Over the term of the new action plan, the City will carry out 31 term actions and 89 activities, aligned with the 17 Council-approved recommendations, to achieve the strategy’s objectives of addressing immediate needs, creating pathways to prosperity and driving systemic change for those living in poverty in Toronto.

This updated plan’s actions will fall under the six core themes of food access, housing stability, service access, transportation equity, systemic change and quality jobs/livable incomes.

The plan includes developing an Indigenous-led Poverty Reduction Strategy Action Plan, advancing the City of Toronto's commitments to reconciliation, fully implementing the Fair Pass Discount Program and continuing implementation of the 10-year Child Care Growth and Capital Strategy.

Thirty-three of the activities can be completed using existing resources and are base funded; 25 activities are planned but require new and/or enhanced resources over the course of the Term Action Plan; and 31 activities are in development. The resources required for implementation are either contained within the existing base budgets of the relevant divisions or programs, or are subject to new and/or enhanced requests through future budget processes.

Learn more about the complete list of actions and activities.

View the full Poverty Reduction Strategy 2015-2025 here. 

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