This morning the Court did not issue the interim injunction to halt further demolition on the Foundry buildings as requested by the St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association and supported by the City of Toronto. Instead, they will hear the full legal arguments next Wednesday.

Just moments ago, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, released a statement stating that the Province will pause the demolition until Wednesday “as an act of good faith.” 

While we are pleased to see Minister Steven Clark’s statement, let’s put this back into perspective. 

This Province’s action of reckless demolition was carried without consultation and without adherence to their own heritage policies as outlined in the Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties (2010). 

A temporary pause does not reverse the already extensive damage of the accelerated demolition we have witnessed over the last few days during a global pandemic or restore the community’s faith. 

The Province could show a real “act of good faith” and cancel all further demolition, and immediately begin consultation with the City and community.  

I urge the Premier, Doug Ford and his Ministers to respect the local planning process and stop wasting our time and money by forcing the community and City of Toronto to court. 

Thank you to Mayor Tory, the thousands of people who have signed the petition and contributed to the legal defence fund, and to local residents including the West Don Lands Committee, St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, Corktown Resident and Business Association for your community leadership. 

Please keep contacting the Premier and his Ministers, and you can do so here.

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