I champion improvement of public realm spaces, and ensure Toronto is a vibrant city. If you experience an issue, including dogs outside of permitted off leash areas or garbage pick up,  in one of our many parks, please contact 311 or email

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If you required adapted recreational services, please contact:

Toronto & East York District

East York Civic Centre

850 Coxwell Ave.

Toronto, ON M4C 5R1


TTY: 416-392-4773


I advocate for a clean and beautiful Toronto

I champion access to recreation for local residents

I support improvements to the public realm

I revitalize our parks and public spaces


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Encampments in Public Parks and Ravines

Encampments in public parks are handled by the Parks Ambassador Program. Working with Streets to Homes, Public Health, and the Toronto Police, Toronto's Parks Ambassadors will coordinate outreach to street-involved persons encamped in parks and connect them with shelter and housing services.

To report an active or abandoned encampment, call Parks Ambassador Troy Ford at 416-771-3042.

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