Parking in Toronto is very competitive in the downtown core. 

The Toronto Police Service cannot proactively enforce parking regulations in residential areas of the city due to the immense number of residential roads. Instead, Parking Enforcement relies on complaints to generate enforcement action. Once a complaint is received Parking Enforcement will “blitz” a street and hand out tickets until such time that the officers are satisfied that enforcement is no longer needed. They will return if more complaints are received.

For many residential streets in Toronto, parking regulations are unsigned, which means that there is a 3-hour parking limit. In many older neighbourhoods, residents have enjoyed parking overnight in contravention of the 3-hour limit because no one has complained to Parking Enforcement.

Parking Enforcement is obliged to uphold the by-laws. Residents who want to park their cars on-street overnight can petition their neighbours to introduce Permit Parking to the street, whereby residents agree to pay a monthly fee to allow them to park a car overnight.

If you have received a ticket that you believe was assigned in error, you can contact Parking Enforcement at 416-808-6600. Please provide them with both the ticket number and the date you received it.

Toronto Police Services
Superintendent Anthony Riviere, 51 Division

Superintendent Michael Barsky, 52 Division

Parking Violation Dispute Process
Did you receive a yellow parking violation notice? You have two options, pay your parking violation or request a review online or in-person within 15 days. The City’s process to dispute parking violations – the Administrative Penalty System (APS) – makes requesting a review faster, easier and more convenient.

Your Dispute Options
Within 15 days of receiving your parking violation notice, you can request a review. If you missed this deadline, you can request an extension. If you request a review, do not pay your parking violation until a decision has been made by a Screening Officer. Payment made before a Screening Review will void your review because your case will be considered resolved.


Parking Complaints - Online Reporting System

In November 2018 the Toronto Police Service initiated an on-line reporting system for parking complaints. This will negate the need for people to phone in where delays on hold can be lengthy. By reporting online the call is immediately sent to the Parking Dispatchers screen and can be more quickly assigned to an officer. For ongoing issues, you can also email [email protected].


Amending Parking Regulations
Sometimes the in-force parking regulations no longer meet the needs of residents. Residents can request changes, noting that parking can be a highly sensitive local issue. The City Councillor will not support significant changes without confidence that those changes are supported by the majority of the community.

This support will typically come either from a petition of residents, or a letter from a residents’ association advocating for the change. If the Councillor has confidence this change will be supported, she can direct staff through Toronto and East York Community Council to amend the parking regulations in the area.

Our office can put you in touch with Transportation Services staff, who can give you the correct wording for your petition and tell you which households on the street should be petitioned. It is important that the wording is correct to make sure that everyone who signs a petition understands what they agree to and to ensure that staff have a clear understanding on how to turn the petition into the correct language for a by-law.

You can make this request by calling 311 or by emailing [email protected].

Traffic Management Tools
With the City growing, more cars on our streets, and traffic congestion has become a challenge. We are working to keep traffic moving by investing in new infrastructure and technology that improves the transportation system for all road users. Learn more about our initiatives and strategies to fight traffic congestion by viewing our 2016-2020 Congestion Management Plan PDF (CMP).

Requesting a Parking Permit Area
One of the measures a neighbourhood can take to limit who has access to parking on their street is through the introduction of Permit Parking. Typically, residents can park on their street for a maximum of three hours before being required to move their car. With Permit Parking, residents or guests can purchase a permit from the city that allows overnight parking on their street.

Parking is often a highly sensitive local issue. Councillor Wong-Tam will not support significant changes without the confidence that those changes are supported by the majority of the community. In order to begin the process of introducing permit parking, the city typically requires a petition signed by a minimum of 25% of impacted residents before city staff will formally poll residents. Once formerly polled, staff will bring a recommendation to Toronto and East York Community Council with the polling results and whether to proceed with amending the parking regulations in the area.

Our office can put you in touch with Transportation Services staff, who can give you the correct wording for your petition and which households on the street should be petitioned.

Apply for a Parking Permit
A residential on-street permit entitles permit holding residents to park their automobile on the street within a specified area exclusively during permit parking hours. This program is designed to service those in low-rise residential areas where driveways and/or garages are not common. The online renewal option is now available for on-street parking permits.

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