Councillor Wong-Tam has been very involved in issues related to noise in our City. Through a motion to City Council, a review of the City's noise by-law is underway, research and policy staff are conducting consultation with resident groups, industry and Public Health to provide recommendations to amend the city's noise by-law. This process is currently ongoing, with the Noise Bylaw Working Group meeting regularly. You can learn more about the initial Noise Bylaw Review by clicking here

Also, Toronto Public Health in collaboration with Ryerson University has conducted a study on noise levels in the City of Toronto. The goal of the study is to characterize noise level exposures among Toronto’s residents. Outcomes of the study will be used to identify and address general and specific noise situations where potential health impacts are present and are used to inform the current Noise Bylaw review. This report was presented to the Board of Health, and it may prove helpful in bringing about requirements for noise mitigation measures at construction sites. You can read the report by clicking here.

Motorcycle noise is an increasing issue in Toronto. Vehicle noise is governed under the Provincial Highway Traffic Act and therefore, under the purview of the Toronto Police Service and the OPP. Municipal Bylaw Enforcement officers do not have the legal authority to lay charges and fines under the act.

Toronto Police Services has the legal authority, training, and equipment to pull over vehicles and lay appropriate charges and fines. We are encouraging residents to contact their local Community Response Unit Manager in order to make their policing priorities known.

51 Division (South of Bloor, east of Yonge Street): Staff Sergeant Peter Troup, (416) 808-5152
52 Division (South of Bloor, west of Yonge Street): Staff Sergeant Anthony Coscarella, 416-808-5819

Engagement with local residents is an important way for police to gain an understanding of where activity is taking place.

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