Housing and Homelessness

Before the COVID-19 global pandemic, Toronto was already facing a homelessness crisis of massive proportion. During the pandemic, the crisis has become more visible and incredibly more acute. Advocates and frontline workers supporting encampments continue to ring alarm bells about inhumane conditions. Residents who live adjacent to the encampments and shelters are demanding that the City do more to find more appropriate and permanent housing solutions for people who are under-housed. Chronic underfunding and failed policies have created the housing and homelessness crisis that is before us. The homelessness emergency is a public health crisis that requires an intergovernmental funding response, and concentrated efforts to invest in permanent affordable and supportive housing.

On Monday, October 26th we learned from panellists with a range of expertise and backgrounds about housing and homelessness. This panel discussed how our municipal budget can be used alongside provincial and federal funding to end the homelessness crisis and increase long term investments for permanent affordable and supportive housing in the City of Toronto.


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