When Sep 28, 2020 at 3:00pm 4:00pm
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Everyday we walk through our own neighbourhoods and local streets, visiting parks, friends and businesses. We each travel the city in different ways; walking, cycling or taking public transit. What makes us feel safe as we visit friends, and businesses in our neighbourhoods? How do we get to our local coffee shop? Is there a public green space we can explore? If we feel sick, is there a nearby clinic? When we ask these questions, we consider the social determinants of health, including disability, food insecurity, access to healthcare, housing, gender and gender identity, to name a few. All of this and more contributes to our own wellness and that of our neighbourhoods. 

Join Councillor Wong-Tam on Monday, September 28th from 3:00pm- 4:00pm EST to learn how our municipal budget can be used to create healthy neighbourhoods. What do healthy communities look like? What do our streets look like? How can our budget reflect the needs of our neighbourhoods? In answering these questions and more, we can examine how the City of Toronto budget can impact the health, safety, and wellness of our communities. 

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Constituency Office: 100 Queen St W A5, Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2