As your City Councillor, Kristyn will continue to:

  • Expand and improve downtown east policies to protect green spaces, cultural landscapes and local communities so that quality of life is prioritized before development pressures
  • Modernize Toronto’s tax policies to protect and enhance small businesses opportunities and push for supporting legislation from the Province of Ontario
  • Prioritize social infrastructure, such as daycares, hospitals, and schools in any consideration for new development to meet the demands of existing and growing communities

Kristyn Wong-Tam believes in healthy development and complete communities. She was the initiator of what is now known as TOCore - a new 25-year Downtown Master Plan that will establish the city’s core as the cultural, civic, retail and economic engine for decades to come through detailed guidelines for appropriate population growth and linking it with new infrastructure that supports complete communities. This plan will include the expansion of the Financial District and a new Health Sciences District. It will also establish strong policies on the appropriate scale of development and it will require the submission of Complete Community Assessments that will ensure all new developments also contribute to complete communities.

Kristyn and community members unveiling new renovations to Ramsden Park.

Working with the community and some of the best minds in planning, Kristyn introduced both downtown Yonge Street planning guidelines and a heritage district that limits developments from shading parks and neighbourhood encroachment. When small businesses, including those on Yonge Street, faced unprecedented tax increases as high as 400% in 2017, Kristyn stepped in and led Council in creating an interim tax cap that has saved many small businesses and low-rise commercial buildings from closure and demolition. Thanks to Kristyn, consultations are now underway to fix this policy failure for the long-term in the new year.

Kristyn has also led the creation of new policies that protect downtown parks and open spaces from being shadowed by new developments, successfully pushed for many new family-sized units to be built, and has opened up urban planning in Toronto to incorporate diverse voices, such as Indigenous communities.

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