Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Kristyn Wong-Tam has been a consistent advocate for innovation and new forms of collaboration in Toronto.
As City Councillor, Kristyn has worked collaboratively with private sector and government partners to achieve common goals. She has secured space for the first Indigenous Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship - a facility that will serve as a building block for Toronto’s first indigenous business district and promote skill development and economic growth. She has also brought together leading voices to open up new conversations about how data, smart cities, and the internet of things can be effectively harnessed to solve Toronto’s pressing public policy issues as Sidewalk Labs and other new projects advance.

Kristyn leading a panel discussion with on Government Responsibility and the Smart City in April 2018

In developing community programs and celebrations like Celebrate Yonge and Open Streets TO
, Kristyn has routinely brought together community groups, business leaders, and government to achieve multiple bottom-line wins. In her work with industry, policy experts, and international agencies, she brought forward the boldest vision of a sustainable, forward-looking Portlands revitalization through Toronto’s Expo bid.

Kristyn with leaders on the Expo 2025 Canada movement.

As your City Councillor, Kristyn will:

  • Put people and public accountability first as Toronto develops its smart city vision, so that privacy and the public interest are not lost in the quick uptake of new technologies
  • Champion the creation of Toronto’s first Indigenous Business District and Indigenous Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship that will incubate new start-ups and provide new economic development and collaboration opportunities
  • Work with CreateTO and other City partners to achieve high-impact, long-term city-building goals by leveraging Toronto’s land holdings and assets

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