I’m having trouble keeping up with my residential rent. Is there help for me?

The City has directed social and affordable housing providers to be flexible, exercise discretion and work with tenants. While the City has no power to direct landlords, all property owners are strongly urged to find ways to help tenants to stay in their homes and to proactively communicate with tenants about options, if available.

The City of Toronto funds an interest-free loan of up to $4,000 for eligible households through the Rent Back.
Call: 416-397-7368
When: 8:30am to 4:30pm, or leave a message for follow-up.
Please see this City of Toronto Financial Support for Renters webpage for more information. 

The province has suspended evictions (approving new ones or enforcing evictions) in the current health emergency. This is the number for the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board that handles tenants’ rights: 1-888-332-3234

If you get an eviction notice, do not leave your apartment. They can not force you out right now. Send a copy of the eviction notice to our office and we can follow up with the landlord directly, making sure they understand their obligations. 

In that scenario I also encourage you to email or call MPP Suze Morrison's office. As your provincial representative, she will have the most up-to-date information on your rights under the landlord tenant act. MPP Morrison’s office can be reached at: [email protected]; Tel.416-972-7683.

If you are having trouble paying for rent due to lost income from COVID-19, check out our financial supports resources. 

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