Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge

There is no shortage of infrastructure in need of repair or replacement in the city, but most projects have very technical solutions. Built in 1973 and now a designated heritage property, the steel frame has becomes compromised, requiring much of the infrastructure, including the tunnel next to one of the Sherbourne TTC station exits, to be replaced. As a fierce advocate for protecting our city's heritage assets, Councillor Wong-Tam was interested in ensuring this unique bridge not only met the city's various heritage policies and goals, but also addressed significant safety concerns for pedestrians and South Rosedale residents.

I advocated for the replacement of this bridge with one that will both aesthetically match the former structure, but also provide numerous improvements. The bridge will be reconstructed in the same alignment as it was before, with a new steel frame that will mimic the former design. The bridge and tunnel will both be widened to provide more room for pedestrians and cyclists to comfortably share the space. Additional lighting both in the tunnel and on the bridge will help improve safety for pedestrians. There may also be opportunities for additional public art that are being explored.

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