Fer-Pal Church Street Watermain Update

August 26th, 2014

From Fer-Pal Infrastructure

Re. Watermain Lining Project Update – Church Street

Dear resident and local business owner,

FER-PAL Infrastructure has been contracted by the City of Toronto to provide watermain rehabilitation services in your area. As the contractor responsible for the current watermain rehabilitation work in the neighborhood we wish to provide you with an update on this project.

FER-PAL commenced the local watermain lining project on July 8th, and are scheduled to be completed on October 15.


Watermain lining is an efficient and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional watermain replacement by avoiding the need to create a substantially large trench in the middle of the road to expose and replace the entire watermain. Instead, FER-PAL’s technology inserts a liner into the old watermain and cures it in place to create a brand new watermain inside of the old pipe. While some excavations are needed the amount of digging is considerably less. This technology reduces the cost and carbon footprint of the overall project compared to traditional watermain replacement and reduces the overall project time.

During the duration of this project we have unfortunately experienced some unexpected delays. These delays were a result of the complexity of the location of the watermain. When locating the watermain we found that it was in close proximity to a large hydro main. In order to prevent damage to that main we were forced to dig using hydro excavators. This method is much slower than typical excavation and has caused delays to occur. The scheduled completion date of the project is Oct. 15.

We apologize for the inconvenience during this project and we will continue to strive to complete this project in an efficient manner and limit the disruption to you and your neighbours in the community.

If you have any questions or comments about this project, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Will Miller

Site Supervisor, FER-PAL Infrastructure

FER-PAL Construction LTD. 169 Fenmar Drive. Toronto, Ontario. M9L1M6. P: 416-742-3713 F: 416-742-3889

A PDF of the original letter can be read here.

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