Employment and Social Services

I believe everyone has the right to earn an income and the City of Toronto offers some employment programs to assist. Employment & Social Services issues financial benefits through Ontario Works and provides employment supports for job seekers. Some Employment & Social Services locations offer services to people who receive Ontario Works.

Toronto Employment & Social Services

TESS offers many drop-in services including, career planning, job search coaching and interview skills, among others. This program also offers access to a web-based system that matches people to employment opportunities and information on government services.

Toronto Employment and Social Services Offices (TESS)

As of October 4th, 2021, more TESS offices have opened to provide more available in-person services to low-income residents, expanding from 3 sites open to the public to 12.

Toronto Employment & Social Services locations information

Office Name Office Phone 
Office Address
In-person office hours: 9am-3:30pm
Attwell 416-392-6400 220 Attwell Drive, M9W 6T9
Beaches 416-392-3200 1631 Queen Street East, M4L 1G4
Golden Mile 416-392-3400 1880 Eglinton Avenue East, M1L 2L1
Lawrence Square 416-392-6500 700 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 330, East Tower, M6A 3B3
Malvern 416-397-1000 325 Milner Avenue, 9th Floor, M1B 5N1
Metro Hall (no public computers at this site) 416-392-2600 214 Wellington Street West, M5V 0L9
Scarborough Village 416-392-2800 3660 Kingston Road, M1M 1R9
The Queensway 416-392-6550 779 The Queensway, M8Z 1N4
Wellesley Place 416-392-5300 111 Wellesley Street East, M4Y 3A7
Yonge Eglinton 416-397-1800 150 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 900, M4P 3E2
Yorkgate 416-397-9450 1 York Gate Boulevard, M3N 3A1
York Humber 416-392-6200 605 Rogers Road, M6M 1B9
*Consilium Place (remains closed) 416-397-1100 Clients redirected to: Malvern Employment & Social Services office at 325 Milner Ave, 9th Fl, M1B 5N1 416-397-1000
*High Park / Parkdale (remains closed) 416-397-7800 Clients redirected to: Metro Hall Employment & Social Services at 214 Wellington Street West, M5V 0L9 416-392-2600
*North York (remains closed) 416-392-2850 Clients redirected to: Yonge Eglinton Employment & Social Services office at 150 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 900, M4P 3E2 416-397-1800

*These 3 sites will re-open in 2022 at a new location

Learn more about the City of Toronto's Employment and Social Service office locations on their website.

Toronto Youth Partnerships & Employment

TYPE is designed to help youth navigate the many pathways to employment, training and education with one on one employment supports. 

For general inquiries, presentation & direct referrals please call 416-392-0101 or [email protected] 

Youth Outreach Counsellors

LGBTQ2S+ & all youth
Samantha Holness
[email protected]

Involved with Criminal Justice & all youth
Deboragh Rodolphe
[email protected]

Indigenous & all youth
Michael Darling
[email protected]

Violence Based on Gender, Women’s Issues & all youth
Rita Ratz Moriarty
[email protected]

Newcomers & all youth 
Richard Kirwan
[email protected]

More support for youth job seekers

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