Egale’s LGBTIQ2S Youth Shelter

LGBTQ+ youth experience unique challenges. I know first hand that coming out is never easy and often families may not be accepting. Many find themselves, like I did, living on their own at an early age as a result. In 2013, the Toronto Street Needs Assessment report found that 21% youth residing in youth shelters identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Toronto’s first transitional and emergency housing program for LGBTQ+ youth by Egale Human Rights Trust has now been established at 257 Dundas St. East.

With the support and fierce advocacy from the community, section 37 funds provided an essential investment, allowing this TCHC-owned building to be renovated and retrofitted.  This number represents more than twice the overall rate of the total homeless population. The new facility, when completed, will provide 30 needed spaces for homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Media Highlights:

Phone: 416-392-7903
Constituency Office: 100 Queen St W A5, Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2