On June 26, 2019 the Economic and Community Development Committee took a step in the right direction and adopted the historic Five-Year 2023 Downtown East Action Plan. Working with residents, community leaders, front-line service providers and City staff, we now have the most comprehensive plan that has been developed to address chronic health and safety issues in our downtown communities in recent memory, building upon the work of the 12-Month Action Plan endorsed by City Council in 2018. Toronto is in the midst of a housing and overdose crisis that has hit the downtown especially hard and much more needs to be done to create healthy, safe, inclusive neighbourhoods that work for everyone.

Watch Councillor Wong-Tam's CP24 interview here.

Safe communities means providing those in need with access to essential health services. It means ensuring that our parks and laneways are clear of hazardous waste like needles. It means that Toronto’s own affordable housing buildings protect residents from harm and abuse. Fundamentally, it means acknowledging the scale of the challenges before us and investing in sustained efforts that bring about transformative change.

As residents, workers, community members, and service providers downtown, we demand the following:

  1. That City Council recognize the distinct and acute needs of our downtown communities and support them by passing the 5-Year Action Plan at Council at its July 16-19, 2019 meeting.
  2. That City Council ensure the recommendations and actions contained in the Five-Year Action Plan are funded and sustained through the 2020 Budget process and beyond.

Economic and Community Development Committee heard from residents why we need more comprehensive services for those in need, coordinated safety plans for our neighbourhoods, and the funding necessary to improve conditions for everyone. Now, let's make sure City Council adopts this historic action plan.

Read the Downtown East 2023 Action Plan Summary (pdf) here.

Learn more about the Immediate Downtown East Enhanced 12-Month Action Plan.

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