Downtown-Waterfront Vision

Kristyn Wong-Tam is a strong advocate for an inclusive, competitive, and international downtown and waterfront.
To achieve this vision, she has been a champion of adaptive public streets, smart and integrated public transportation, and harbourfront communities that are dynamic and liveable.

Kristyn initiated the Yonge Street Environmental Assessment, the boldest vision for a pedestrianized and enhanced Yonge Street from the waterfront to Davenport, which is already underway. Residents and community members will be asked to participate in this tremendous new vision through robust public consultations set to begin this fall. This also involves the most comprehensive traffic study in the downtown in decades and will provide new opportunities for bike lanes, more efficient traffic movement, and wider sidewalks.

Kristyn walks Yonge Street with Mark Garner, Executive Director of the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area and Mohamed Lachemi, President of Ryerson University at the announcement of the Yonge Street Environmental Assessment.

Toronto’s waterfront needs to be connected and accessible. Kristyn is a strong supporter of the Waterfront LRT project. The opportunity to develop the West Donlands and more will also require infrastructure that includes an efficient transit link to the downtown via Union Station and this will be critical for achieving the City’s revitalization goals for these industrial lands.

Toronto’s waterfront must also be a home and asset for diverse communities. It must be developed ensuring that the new communities that have been built have access to essential services and transit, that Toronto Island’s unique community and parkland be maintained as a beautiful destination, and that boating, tourism, and further improvements along the water do not get sidetracked by jets or any expansion of Billy Bishop Airport.

As your City Councillor, Kristyn will:

  • Work to build-out a new, bold Yonge Street from the Waterfront to Davenport that will widen sidewalks, upgrade infrastructure, and green the public realm of Canada's busiest street and Toronto's major tourist destination
  • Prioritize the Waterfront LRT and Relief Line projects as critical tools for maintaining affordable, connected communities
  • Be a vocal advocate for the Waterfront as a community and City asset that supports health, liveability, beautiful streets, and sustainable development, drawing on the work of neighbourhood partners and with the input of the Toronto’s waterfront communities

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