As residents of the City of Toronto, we rely on effective representation that brings people together, supports our businesses, and deepens the vibrancy of our communities. This is the type of leadership Kristyn Wong-Tam has brought to City Hall since 2010.

Please donate to Kristyn's campaign and ensure that we have the kind of leadership that makes Toronto better. Any amount you are able to donate is greatly appreciated and subject to a generous rebate from the City of Toronto. 

The City of Toronto offers a generous rebate program for your campaign donations.

 Donation  Actual cost to you
 $26  $6.50
 $50  $12.50
 $100  $25.00
 $250  $62.50
 $500  $175
 $750  $300
 $1,200  $558.33


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Address: 433 Parliament St, Toronto, ON, M5A 3A1