COVID-19 Updates

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 15 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Avoid shaking hands and close contact with people

Anyone who is not ill or has not travelled is strongly directed to stay home except for essential trips

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

If you are ill, or if you have travelled, you are ordered to stay home by the Medical Officer of Health for 14 days

As businesses begin to reopen it's important to maximize physical distancing and limit in-person access as much as possible

COVID-19 Update, April 20

It is with a very heavy heart that I begin by recognizing yesterday’s tragic events in Nova Scotia. This is a devastating day for so many, and as we learn more details, we are collectively shaken to the core. Investigators continue to piece together the details of Canada’s deadliest mass shooting. I have family in Truro, just a half-hour drive from Portapique and I hold them and all the great people in Nova Scotia tight in my heart.

COVID-19 Update, April 17

It has now been 5 weeks since my team and I started working from home. It is incredible to think back on how much has changed since then. Children are now trying to adjust to online learning from the kitchen table and parents continue to balance tele-working while providing homecare. We have new by-laws restricting access to park amenities, and people are finding creative ways to connect with family and friends virtually. New communities are forming and old ones are adjusting. 

In earlier updates, my team shared some of the ways they are making the most of this period of self-isolation. This was a lighthearted way to help us connect, but some of you correctly pointed out that there weren't enough tips for families with children adjusting to our new #StayHome reality. Families in modest apartments, houses and condos are finding different ways to keep children learning, work-at-home partners are scheduling access to devices and laptops to accommodate work, school and entertainment needs. Getting exercise, making meals and keeping children engaged with toys, crafts and books while maintaining your own mental well-being in between changing diapers, nap strikes and temper tantrums is a huge challenge!

COVID-19 Update, April 16

This week, the Ontario legislature approved the extension of the Declaration of Emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act for an additional 28 days. This extension, which is being debated today at Queen’s Park, is set to last until May 12, when MPPs will have the choice to extend it further.

Not having a clear end date to this crisis is hard on everyone’s mental health. Please take the time to check in with family and friends, while also taking care of yourself. Don’t forget that there is a list of mental health supports available on my website. Help is available to you. 

Covid-19 Update, April 15

Across Ward 13, you and thousands of Torontonians are respecting physical distancing guidelines. You are working from home, and giving up visits with friends and loved ones. In parks, you are staying off closed paths and play structures. When you do go outside, it is for brief exercise or to shop for essentials. But on the densely populated and narrow sidewalks of Toronto, that is impossible to do safely while respecting the 2-metre distance required by Public Health.

COVID-19 Update, April 14

I am saddened to hear Toronto health officials have confirmed that as of today, April 14, there are 30 cases of COVID-19 reported at seven different shelters across the city, including Seaton House. This number is shocking, although not surprising.

I know that many residents are concerned about the City of Toronto’s response. The leadership at the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) are looking to find ways for people in the shelter system to physically maintain distance safely. I know they’re working hard and I am grateful for the measures taken so far. I especially want to thank all frontline staff who are doing incredible work in unimaginable circumstances.  

Save Small Businesses

Toronto Centre is the heart of Toronto’s downtown. We are home to some of Canada’s most iconic business districts and small businesses, from Canada’s largest gay village to the Financial District, to the re-invigorated historical districts such as Yonge Street, Corktown, St Lawrence Market and more. We also know that businesses across our community are in trouble.

To save small businesses, the Provincial and Federal governments need to step up and legislate a moratorium on commercial rental evictions and restructure the CERCA to allow tenants to directly access the 50 percent government relief if their landlords indicate they will not apply. The Government should also look at expanding the amount of money made eligible through Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA). In urban centers with high rental and operating costs, for many business owners, the $40,000 is already gone. 

Please add your name and call on the Provincial and Federal governments to make the necessary legislative changes we need to save our small businesses and our main streets.

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