Church Street goes from parking to parklets: Hume

Toronto Star
By: Urban Issues, Published on Mon Jul 22 2013

Street by street, lane by lane, curb by curb, the war to take back the city is now being waged.

The odds are against those who would depose the mighty automobile, but time is on their side. Whether they’re on foot, a bike or sitting around eating and drinking, people now expect to be able to share the roads.

Bright and early Monday morning, work crews showed up on Church Street to install ten “parklets.” They will occupy east-side parking spots — some just one, some two — from now until the end of October. Half will be run by local bars and restaurants, others will there as places to sit, talk and take in the passing parade.

“We have to make the street more interesting,” local Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam insists. “We want to bring people to the Gay and Lesbian Village and see the pride we have in our neighbourhood. But people love people; that’s what will make it successful.”… Read more

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