January 14, 2021

Statement on LPAT Review of Cabbagetown Daycare Approval

Last week the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) provided a revised decision on the proposed daycare at 459-461 Sackville Street. This application proposes to turn the existing heritage building into a daycare for up to 80 children. Following a confusing 2020 TLAB decision which appeared to unconditionally approve the daycare despite noting concerns about parking, traffic and safety, the City Solicitor asked the TLAB to review its decision. I am pleased to hear that the City Solicitor was successful in that review request. While the TLAB has affirmed the variances for the approved daycare, it has helpfully attached five new and clearly stipulated conditions that the applicant must satisfy prior to any daycare use on the site.

Since this application first appeared in 2017, local residents have expressed significant concerns about how day to day operations of a daycare of the size being proposed could safely function given existing conditions. Accommodating pick-up and drop-off of children by car at this site is particularly challenging as the proposed daycare borders two narrow one-way streets, each with well used permit parking.

Through the review of the decision, the City has successfully secured significant conditions that will need to be satisfied in relation to pick-up and drop-off parking, boulevard parking and more. This is welcome as it will allow the City the opportunity to ensure that if there is a future daycare use on this site, it will properly address local safety concerns for both residents and children. I will work with the City Solicitor and staff at Transportation Services, City Planning and Heritage Preservation Services to determine next steps, and to seek avenues for community input.

I will keep the community informed as more information becomes available.

zahrah munas

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