Bay and Charles Construction Update

April 13, 2018

Our office has received new complaints that work is not taking place at Bay and Charles Street this week. We have spoken with Right of Way Management, Urban Forestry, Street Occupation Permits staff, the sub-contractor undertaking the roadway work, as well as their subcontractor responsible for the tree work to get a full update on the status of the work site on Wednesday, April 11.

There are no issues with regards to the removal and replacement of the tree at this location – Urban Forestry has issued this permit to the subcontractor, Davey. Bell is now in the process of securing their work permit for the underground infrastructure and their requisite paid duty officer. They expect both of these components to be in place by Monday, April 16, and will take out the tree and commence work then. Our office has offered Bell assistance with securing their outstanding permits to expedite the work where possible and we have reached out to the utility cut permits manager to explain the impact this work has had. Avertex Utility Solutions' project manager has also been in touch with management at 1132 Bay Street to provide an updated work timeline.

All parties listed above are fully aware of the community’s desire to see this work resumed and completed as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor this file and will be following-up with staff to ensure this project is completed swiftly.

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