Allan Gardens Update

Many park-goers will have noticed some recent changes in Allan Gardens Park.  Parks staff have been carrying out some maintenance to spruce up the park for the summer season.  Changes include:

  • Replacement of burnt out light bulbs throughout the park
  • Grass cut inside the Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA)on May 30th.
  • Grass cut throughout the rest of the park on May 31st.
  • New post set for DOLA gate on June 3rd
  • New DOLA gate hung on June 4th
  • The large hole around the Blue Dog statue has been filled
  • Graffiti removal crew came through the park on June 4th

Unfortunately, a glass pane of the conservatory was smashed during the weekend of June 1st.  Parks technical staff have boarded up this area, temporarily, until the new glass can be installed.

Long-time park users will have noted the recent removal of the central fountain.  This fountain has been out of order for many years and had fallen into considerable disrepair.  It was removed due to the safety hazard posed to people and animals. The brass plaque was preserved and will be re-installed into the park at a later date.

Three benches were removed from the central area for repair.  Some resident stakeholders have requested that they not be returned, citing safety concerns.  As the permanent removal of benches from this area would constitute a significant change to the park, I am meeting with local stakeholders, representing varying points of view, to determine an agreeable plan for their re-introduction.

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