All My Relations: A work of art

March 1, 2013, Aboriginal Multi-Media Society.

Toronto, with an Aboriginal population of more than 75,000, it is often called Canada’s largest reserve. However, there has never been anything that has proclaimed the presence of Aboriginal people in the city as loudly and as clearly as All My Relations, an art mural unveiled in Toronto’s Allan Gardens on Nov, 9. Allan Gardens is located in the heart of downtown.

Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam whose Ward includes Allan Gardens as well as the largest concentration of Aboriginal people in the city, said it’s about time the First People in Toronto had the opportunity to tell their story. First Peoples have such a distinct history in Canada and nothing comes close to what they have experienced, she told Windspeaker, and you can’t talk about the history of Toronto or the history of Canada without talking about the First Peoples and the contributions they’ve made.

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