Alan Brookes, Race Director & President, Canada Running Series, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to endorse Kristyn Wong-Tam for City Councillor to represent Toronto Centre in the upcoming municipal elections in October. I've known her for all of her eight years as Councillor for Ward 27, during which time she has emerged as an outstanding leader in our City Council, and a champion both in the neighbourhood and for Toronto at large. She has combined intelligence, vision, passion and a refreshing, trustworthy honesty with an unparalleled capacity for hard work.

This is an era of rapid and seismic change for Toronto, with many challenges as we continue our growth into one of the most exciting, dynamic, innovative, world-cities on the planet. It's an exciting time, but a time when we need tireless, intelligent leaders with vision for things both large and small. We need leaders like Kristyn Wong-Tam. Please vote for her on October 22nd.

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